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4.5 Stars from Romantic Times

The authors of these four completely different stories - each with a corset as a major plot point, each one hotter than the last - deliver fine erotic prose that's sure to satisfy. The heroines are believable and easy to identify with, and the heroes mean it when they say "forever." These four authors are erotic muses indeed!

[I can't help wondering - if each is hotter than the last, does that mean I'm incandescent? *grin*]

5 bookmarks Night Owl Romance

In the past when I’ve read an anthology, one story stands out as better than the others. Not in this anthology. All were fabulous to the extreme. This was an epic read full of emotion, angst, love, discovery, and self-awareness. I’ve never read an anthology that had so many strong stories. If you do read this anthology, and you should, and have never read any stories by any of these authors, be prepared to want to run out and buy their backlists. These authors are all ruly gifted writers and have provided a truly inspired collection of sigh worthy stories.

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5 bookmarksWild on Books

Individually, each of these stories deserves my top ranking of five bookmarks, and together they make one heart-melting read that is sure to fly off the book shelves as soon as UNLACED releases!

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Coffee Time Romance

This story will rock the reader with its wide range of emotion. The pain and anguish that John and Meg bear is equaled only by their love for each other. Ms. Rossetti commands your attention with this beautifully written love story.

Unlaced uses the corset as a binding element in each of these wonderful stories. It is instrumental in rebuilding a childhood love, the blossoming of a woman's maturity, using control to find an emotional release, and finally overcoming evil to reclaim a soul mate. They are unique and special, each one a sensual and erotic taste of what one little garment can do for us as women. It is all in how we use it. Each woman in this anthology uses the corset as a tool to empower herself. They are strong, passionate, and deserving of the love of great men.

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A. Lovin' Me Some Romance

This novella was brimming not only with burning eroticism, but also with an emotional intensity that had me clinging desperately to the book to discover what was to happen next. The deadliness of corset was actually incredibly fascinating and lent a magical and sinister air to the novella. Its danger to Meg and John is believable as well as their struggle to defeat it. And once again an author has shown that love can conquer all, even a demon corset.

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