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Laced with Desire

4 Stars from Romantic Times

The sex scenes are incredible.

B+ Dear Author

...this story was delightful. Captain Rhiomard made a brief appearance in the prior anthology, and I'm happy to see him get his own story, because after reading it, he really deserved it...a quick and very enjoyable read.

Reviewer: Shuzluva

Fresh Fiction

Hot, steamy, sexy and downright yummy collection of erotic novellas by four of the best authors!

Reviewer: Mandy

Coffee Time Romance

This story will rock the reader with its wide range of emotion. The pain and anguish that John and Meg bear is equaled o

Reviewer: Lototy     Read the rest...

Top Pick

Laced with Desire gives you four choices to fulfill your sensual sexual desires and all of them are yummy good. Written by some of the best authors in this genre, you get a great taste of their writing style and some wonderful stories that will keep you warm on a cold winter's night.

Dancer giving Rhio glimpses at her real self and not the persona she puts on as a slave was pure delight. This was a fantasy story mixed well with erotic romance.

I strongly recommend Laced with Desire. Any one of these stories would be worth the cost of the book. The authors do an outstanding job. Not one of these stories is like another in this book and they showcase their little nitch well. Besides I can't think of a better way to spend a lazy day than to read about alpha males, hot sex and interesting place.

This novella was brimming not only with burning eroticism, but also with an emotional intensity that had me clingin

Reviewer: Terri

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