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Dear Reader,

I'm not a cruel woman, despite what my children may tell you, but oh my goodness, I do enjoy a healthy dose of angst. Specifically, I love putting my characters through the tortures of the damned. The harder the struggle, the sweeter the final redemption.

What could be more impossible than to be at war with yourself? With your fundamental sense of self, your code of honor. Suppose that any choice you make will destroy you—and there is no other choice but to make a choice?

Ah... Luscious.

Thanks for the quill, Kate!

I'm a sensate person. When I'm out shopping, I like to raise fruit to my nose for a sniff or stroke dress fabrics on the rack as I pass. So in The Flame and the Shadow I created a man who embodies that internal conflict in an external, physical way. Imagine seeing the worst part of your personality rise up, manifested as a dark copy of yourself. The idea sent shivers down my spine so, of course, I had to write it.

Grayson, Duke of Ombra, is a sorcerer of shadows. He is literally at war with himself, because his shadow, a dark entity he calls Shad, has an independent life of its own. Much more than Gray's mortal life is at stake. He and Shad are fighting for control of his sanity and his soul. By the time Gray meets Cenda, a fire witch struggling with a crushing burden of grief, he will do anything to win the battle.

Anything at all.

Denise Rossetti

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5 September 2008

THE "I'm Home, Honey!" CONTEST!

I've just returned from seven weeks away, including RWA Nationals in San Francisco. A fourteen hour flight there and back, but oh so worth it. I had a fabulous time!

Now I'm back into the daily grind (uh, rhythm, I mean), I'm having a contest to celebrate - though I'm not sure that's quite the right word. ;-)

I've got TWO of the most gorgeous enamels to give away - and what's more, they're absolutely perfect for readers and/or writers. Perfect, I tell you! I danced a fandango when I first saw them.
Bookwings Write Hard Die Free

All you have to do is leave a comment on my Nifty Names blog post. You'll find all the details there and larger pictures too.

And if you're curious about what we did in Alaska and British Columbia and California, by all means scroll down. There are plenty of photos. Leave a comment. I always answer. The Alaskan king crabs are especially fetching, as is the elephant seal and Hearst Castle and the sled dogs. Not to mention the dried geckos on a stick...

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3 September 2008



TAILSPIN won the Futuristic/Fantasy/SciFI category of the Passionate Plume Awards for erotic authors. Isn't that wonderful? I'm S-T-O-K-E-D! *grin* And the best bit? I was there at the PI cocktail party at RWA Nationals in San Francisco. I got to dance right on up in my killer heels to grab that award.

You can read the whole story and see the pictures (the award is cute and don't forget the shoes) on my blog post. The winner's logo appears on the left here. Love it to pieces. Yay!


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Cover of the Month

1 September 2008

TAILSPIN is also Book Cover of the Month for July over at Erin Aislinn's. All due to Syneca, Goddess of Ellora's Cave covers. Her talent is amazing and I'm so grateful for it.

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28 August 2008

Another fabulous review for STRONGMAN. A Recommended Read from Fallen Angels! Recommended Read

"...a book about inner demons and how they play havoc on our happiness...about love and the strength it gives us to claim what is rightfully ours. A well written and extremely entertaining story."

I loved writing STRONGMAN, but I absolutely, flat-out adored creating an epilogue for it. It was…um…very satisfying. :-) If you want to see Griff turn the tables on Fort and gain his heart's desire, this is your chance! For free! Here's a tiny taste...

Read an Excerpt | Read the Reviews | Buy as an E-book | Read the free Epilogue

Passionate Plume Finalist

15 April 2008

TAILSPIN is a finalist in the Futuristic/Fantasy/SciFI section of the Passionate Plume Awards for erotic authors. How about that?

I'm so thrilled to be in such fine company. And while it would be great to win, just being a finalist is fabulous. The awards will be made at the Passionate Ink luncheon at the RWA Conference in San Francisco - and I'm gonna be there! I'm taking the do-me red heels and I may even dance on the table, given sufficient provocation. *grin*

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20 June 2008

STRONGMAN has been garnering some fabulous reviews. Thank heavens! Here's a selection -

This book has everything, hot men and even hotter sex, a terrific story, fantasy creatures...great adventure and, even better, rough sex that becomes tender when you least expect it. (Literary Nymphs)

Much of the charm in Ms Rossetti’s toe-curlingly erotic stories lie with her ability to create characters in which we become emotionally invested. (Loves Romances and More)

This third in the series simply gets better as it expands, and the character studies encompassed within are becoming smoother as they grow. The struggles to overcome the fears and grasp love offered are touching, while the sex is amazing. (

All of which is wonderful, but it is the comments from readers that I truly treasure -

Love and sexuality in all its forms is a wondrous thing, and you are one of the best at expressing the feelings of your characters to the point where they no longer feel like fiction, but real-live people who might walk through the door.
I feel like a crack fiend. I need another hit. (Monica)

I have now woken up with a Strongman hangover. I had great fun with the boys, ran the gamut of emotions... I fell in love and wasn’t disappointed. And now I am bereft. (Susan)



~~UNDER AND OVER is off and running~~

Why Under and Over?

Well, you see, when I came to think about it, I realised that while I’m Down Under, most of my readers and my writing friends are Over There.

I thought it was clever. And of course, there are all manner of sexy connotations if you put your mind to it…

I'm having a great time - I don't know about anyone else. But then, when I was ten, a smart-arse teacher wrote on my report card, “Denise has an insatiable urge for conversation.” Hmpf! I'm a communicator, that's what!

We've talked about all sorts of things - lust objects and favourite cartoons and Homer and luscious words and ah, lust objects...

And I've already given away copies of STRONGMAN and A RED HOT NEW YEAR.

Under and Over

blog dragon A Red Hot New Year


Leave a comment on my blog for a chance to win a packet of Tim Tams PLUS a set of signed oversized postcards of my droolworthy EC covers.

Don’t know what Tim Tams are?

Chocolate biscuits (cookies) to die for, baby!
Australia’s gift to the chocoholics of the world.

Tim Tams

To be frank, I want to entice you over to the blog so I can talk to you. I love, LOVE to chat. (You two up the back, stop that giggling. I can't help it, OK?)


Mr Gorgeous was awarded SECOND PLACE


Gift of the Goddess Cover Award

First Mr Gorgeous was February boy, then he got voted Second in Erin Aislinn's 2007 BOOK COVER OF THE YEAR CONTEST

Curious to see the winner? Not to mention all the other fantastic covers? Visit Erin Aislinn's website.

[Click the cover image to see him full-size. ]

Read an excerpt from Gift of the Goddess



After months of threats and promises, I've finally set up my personal soapbox, complete with these little pink blog dragons. (No, no, Hortense, I said blog, not bog!) Waaay cute friends and relations of my big red guy, as you can see.

Because I want to start this blog with a bang, rather than a
whimper, I'm running not one, but three contests this month. Yep,
THREE CONTESTS! And no pesky questions to answer either! Easy,
peasy. Everything you need to know is on the blog.

blog dragon

TWO chances to win an autographed copy of A RED HOT NEW YEAR, and...


A chance to win a FREE DOWNLOAD of STRONGMAN

To be frank, I want to entice you over to the blog so I can talk to you. I love, LOVE to chat. (You two up the back, stop that giggling. I can't help it, OK?) I've got all sorts of plans for things we might do and talk about. As I've said in the first post, I'm a curious feline. The world's a fascinating place and we're blessed to live in it. I like things that are quirky, different, sexy, interesting, intelligent, lush, funny. And I like sharing them with you and hearing your opinion.

Under and Over

A Red Hot New Year

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24 January 2008

I've just renovated MySpace and it was a helluva lot of fun. Also made my eyes cross. Stupid balky thing...grump, grump. Anyway, now it's easy to read and all lush and beautiful with some Pre-Raphaelite art and themes. And the blog is all done up too, so now we match - like a favourite bra and knickers set. And you know how good that feels! *snicker*

Speaking of the blog, I post something a couple of times a week. Even if it's only a joke to brighten your day, or an excerpt, or a rant, or a ramble, or a stream of consciousness... You DO NOT need to have a MySpace account to view it, so bookmark the site - Just pop in now and then to see what's going on at my place. Also inside my head, which is a MySpace all of its own!

Denise Rossetti - MySpace 


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20 January 2008

I can tell you now that I'll be writing a story for an anthology called UNLACED, to be published by Berkley. The other three authors are - wait for it - Jasmine Haynes, Jaci Burton and Joey W. Hill. To say I'm thrilled is a complete understatement. I'm absolutely stoked! *dancing, singing, shakin' da pom-poms* Quite apart from the fact that they are all brilliant writers, Joey is my wonderful critique partner. Not sure of much more, except it's going to be awesome and that I might change my name to Jenise to go with the flow. Publication date late in the year, I think, and the cover is GORGEOUS. More about that later.

7 January 2008

I finished it, I finished it. I feel reeeeleased!

What you may ask?

The Flame and the Shadow, which is the first of my quartet for Berkley, that's what. The series is called The Four-Sided Pentacle - which is why it's a quartet. Duh! It's gone, sent to my editor. Whether it's any good is an entirely different matter. I can't tell any more. For all I know, it's over 100,000 words of absolute drivel. Guess I'll find out, hmm?

The relief is ENORMOUS. My poor family has been walking around on egg shells. Oh dear.

Oh boy, oh boy... Now I can sleep, and exercise and uh, think straight again.

More information as soon as I can. Watch this space. *grin* Happy, happy, happy...

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4 January 2008

Congratulations to SHIRLEY who won a signed copy of A Red Hot New Year in the great New Year Scavenger Hunt. In case you're interested, here are the answers to the questions on the Contest Page.

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21 December 2007

I've been blogging with the delightful Shelley Munro, talking about Extreme Christmases and giving away a copy of A Red Hot New Year. It was a ton of fun!

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13 December 2007

I've been blogging with Dionne Galace. Come see what's on the slab... *evil cackle* And don't forget to Bring Your Own Igor...

5 December 2007

Michelle Buonfiglio featured A Red Hot New Year as a Hot Read for Chilly Nights on her Romance: b(uy) the book blog on myLifetime. My American friends tell me that's pretty cool!

A Red Hot New Year




A Red Hot New Year is December Book of the Month at Ever After: The Romance Book Specialists. How about that?

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4 December 2007

Congratulations to Stephanie who won an ARC of A Red Hot New Year in the Charm Contest. The correct answer was a charm in the shape of a Digger's hat to represent Sam. These famous slouch hats are worn by Australian soldiers. And Stephanie guessed a hat! Unbelievable.

And I've hit the media! Read this newspaper interview with me on the subject of Erotic Romance. Scroll down a bit.

3 December 2007

Just call me Blog Tart! I've been blogging all over. First, with my good friends the Romance Bandits. If you haven't visited, you're in for a treat. What a bunch of Banditas. *grin* I blogged about Finding Your Own True North. Pretty profound stuff, really. Challenging, especially for women and writers - and writers who happen to be women. We talked about the Writer’s Compass and its four Points – Priorities, Personalities, Place and Space, and Permissions. Bandits

What makes your Priorities and Permissions worth less than anyone else’s? Hmm?



Then there was the Avon Romance Blog, where we had such fun, Celebrating the Aussie Male! Hugh Jackman, David Wenham...Sam Jones... Oh. My. Goddess. *sigh*

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16 November 2007

Um, err... I feel decidedly tentative about this. I've made a podcast, all right? Don't laugh. It's a pretty basic one, no frills of any description. Not only that, but the dog came in and barked in the middle and I had to start over. *sigh* I chose a six minute slice of my novella in A RED HOT NEW YEAR. It's called Coming on Strong, and this is the scene where Sam Jones, the hunky Aussie hero, first meets Gina McBride.

As you'll find out, I can't do an American accent to save my life, so it helps that we're in Sam's (very Aussie and very male) head.

Those of you who've read Come Howling (in Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction Volume I) will know that the Kaminski Family is Very Strange - and Gina's an absolute doozy, even for a Kaminski.

Sam Meets Gina File size is 6Mb.

Let me know if you enjoyed it and if you'd like more.


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2nd November 2007

The first reviews for A Red Hot New Year are in! Romantic Times gave the anthology four and a half stars. The reviewer said, "Each author brings something different to this intensely satisfying anthology -- werewolves, dragons and more. Fully formed characters, hot and spicy erotica and strong writing make this one for your keeper shelf!"

Four RosesAnd here's why Romance Reader at Heart awarded it four roses. "The four stories are each well written and entertaining. Combined, they make this anthology a sizzling delight to read. Erotic romance is occasionally plot-less, filled with meaningless sex scenes and little else. Not so in this volume. Characters are fully developed and, in many cases, sympathetic." And then...

"My favorite is Coming on Strong by Denise Rossetti, mainly because the heroine in this story is such a tortured woman, determined to hide from the world. That is, until she meets someone who is willing to see—and accept—her for who she truly is."

Ah, what a truly discerning reviewer!

More reviews...

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30th September 2007

I've been messing around with when I should have been writing. Note to self: Get a grip, woman. A big NY publisher is paying you real money to do this.

But gee I had fun, playing with my inner librarian! You get to catalogue and annotate all your bookmarks, using tags. And the best bit is the really cool "cloud" display, when the tags show up in different colours and sizes according to how they're weighted. It's really interesting precisely because it's NOT linear. Fascinating.

And I think I should get out more.

So here are my bookmarks so far. It's all me, me, me at the moment, but I'll work at it. In the meantime, I've organised everything so you can hop easily from excerpts to reviews to bookstores. (All part of my Cunning Plan to persuade you to buy my books. heh heh) You can go in by theme or by series, find what's available in print or even locate a couple of my articles about the craft of writing, if you're that way inclined. And if you'd like to add me to your network (link is below), that would be a Good Thing.

Social bookmarking huh? Who'd a thunk it?

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20th August 2007

I've just returned home from the Romance Writers of Australia Conference at Darling Harbour, Sydney. I always look forward to it, but I had a total blast this time. I talked and talked and TALKED. (I can do that.) In fact, I partied so hard, I lost my voice. I still sound a bit like Lauren Bacall with a head cold.

The highlights? 27th July 2007

I received the most wonderful, unexpected parcel from Ellora's Cave the other week. Inside was a T-shirt - and not just any T-shirt! This has the cover of Gift of the Goddess screen-printed on it in full glorious colour!

I actually got a bit teary at the sight of it. *sniffle* Because it's an XL (and I'm not), I'm wearing it as a nightie. So I'm sleeping with Mr Gorgeous. *sigh* Two Mr Gorgeouses if I count My Beloved (who is an XL).

In fact, My Beloved even consented to model the T-shirt for your pleasure. Wasn't that lovely of him? Especially as he's very shy...

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9th July 2007

Gift of the Goddess is out IN PRINT! - at eBay

Do you think I might be excited? *grin* Hell, I'm so thrilled, I feel like a Labrador puppy with a brand-new chew toy! *woof, woof*


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9th July 2007

I've finished Strongman, Book 3 in the Phoenix Rising series. Look for excerpts, the cover and a release date as soon as I can provide them. Oh, I'm going to miss Griff and Fort so much... *sigh* But I do feel pleased with my widdle self. *smirk*


9th June 2007


Mirry is here!!

Interview with an Aetherii: Up Close and Personal with Miriliel the Burnished

Mirry answers readers' questions. Denise overdoes it.

9th June 2007

The winners of my newsletter BIRTHDAY CONTEST:

THE PRIZE - a large, colour, laminated, autographed (by me) poster of Mr Shades, the cool dude cover from Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction Vol 1.

Congratulations to Allisa! Mirry chose your interview question about Fledge. [See the poster full-size.]
Sinna and Ingrid each win a set of oversized, colour, autographed postcards of all three of my gorgeous EC covers.

Don't miss it! Interview with an Aetherii: Up Close and Personal with Miriliel the Burnished.

Mirry answers readers' questions. Denise overdoes it.

Dragon screenshot30th May 2007

Eight Random Facts About Me

I was tagged! To find out more about me than is probably good for you, head over to my Hunks 'n' Hussies blog post. Prepare to be amazed, astounded, or...something...


And, of course, I look EXACTLY like my hussy avatar. Yep, no kiddin'. *g*

Dragon screenshot25th May 2007

My novella for Avon Red is finished. Wahooo!!!! Coming On Strong will appear in the anthology, A Red Hot New Year to be released in 1st December 2007. *grin*

Coming On Strong is about Gina McBride and her...ah...problem. Gina is Luc Kaminiski's cousin (from Come Howling) and if you thought Luc was unusual - wait 'til you meet Gina! Then there's her laid-back Aussie hero, all bad boy charm and ocean eyes. *sigh*

Dragon screenshot6th May 2007

The most wonderful review from Fallen Angels!! Tailspin is a Recommended Read - whoohoo! Not only that, but the reviewer "got" what I'm trying to do. I have to love that!

Tailspin is now one of my favorite books, one I have already read dozens of times.

Each and every page of the book is so lovingly written that you can feel the brush of wings against your naked body and the curl of a tail pulling you closer to warm male skin. Rossetti takes a sensual pleasure in words, and the effect is that each part of the book is a delight to read, from the sex scenes to the battles and the quiet moments the three spend together. Read the rest...

5th May 2007

Tailspin is a Staff Pick for March at Loves Romances and More! Read the review.

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10th April 2007

Major Happy Dancing at Chez Rossetti! Gift of the Goddess won Best Debut Novel AND Best Erotica in the Loves Romances and More Golden Rose Awards. Isn't that cool? Thank you so much if you voted for it - I love you all!

Golden Rose Winner
Best Debut
Best Erotica

20th March 2007

And here's another one - 5 Hearts from the Romance Studio!

Rossetti creates two touching characters in this compelling story. [Come Howling] Anyone looking for an uplifting, sexy story will enjoy this one very much. More...

18th March 2007

The first review for Come Howling and Ellora's Cave: Seasons of Seduction I. Five Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies!

Denise Rossetti's story is laugh out loud funny yet at the same time very sweet. More...

14th March 2007

Another wonderful review for Tailspin! Four and a half hearts from Loves Romances and More. The reviewer had this to say -

Submerge yourself in this searingly hot and riveting tale leaving reality behind for a while. There are many entertainments at the Fair. Be sure to venture into this tent where the magic of Story is to be found and prepare to be bewitched. More...

27th February 2007

And Gift of the Goddess also squeaked into the All About Romance poll for the Best Erotic Romance of 2006. In by a whisker, but in nonetheless!

25th February 2007

Gift of the Goddess got a mention on the All About Romance Staff Choice for 2006. How cool is that? It's where those tough AAR reviewers choose their favourites for the past year. I'm sooo chuffed to even be on the same page as Loretta Chase, Linda Howard and *gulp* Emma Holly. Let alone J.R. Ward and Nalini Singh! Needless to say, it's a great place to visit to increase the size of your TBR pile!

Dragon screenshot 14th February 2007

Meagan from ParaNormal Romance Reviews wrote -
"Wow, wow, and wow! I can't sing enough praise for this hot, imaginative and beautiful tale of growth, discovery, acceptance and love. Ms. Rossetti's Tailspin is a blistering afterburn of emotion that will grab you from the first sentence, and draw you into an engaging, sexy and highly entertaining fantasy world."

12th February 2007

The early reactions to Tailspin have been stunning.

Anne Douglas, Loose ID author, blogged about it.
"This chick gets her tongue around some vivid, vivid imagery.There is no way you could ever call this a bare bones, leave you lots of space to fill in your own details, kind of book. No way, just none. You understand every sense, every touch - Jesus, I can feel how Mirry and Jan's feathers would feel beneath my hands as I oiled them down! And this is with me reading 1/3 of the book close to stoned needing sleep, but not being able to move from the computer screen because it was too good!
...oh yes, quake in your books top selling print authors, there is a new girl in town and if she doesn't get snaffled up in a New York minute by a major house I'll bury all the batteries so my Rabbit never works again!"


6th January 2007

Erotically intelligent, intelligently erotic...a fantastic debut, with two of the most gorgeous heroes in the history of romance novels.

Oh, I do like the sound of that! This wonderful review of Gift of the Goddess comes from All About Romance reviewer Kate Cuthbert's Top Ten for 2006 - and I'm in it! Like to see the rest?

5th January 2007

My short story, Come Howling, has been accepted for the first Cavemen Anthology of the year, to be released in March. I'm happy, happy, happy. It's about a banshee who needs a career change...

Even more news...

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