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Guilty as Sin

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Rossetti's latest offering in the Phoenix Rising series is an exciting and absorbing ride. A cleverly built alternate world supports a story that teems with passion and features a compelling manhunt. Readers will love this book, as the three new characters are brilliantly written and the return of previous characters are equally as fascinating.

Michael is a master thief, arrogant and clever, until he steals from Liseriel the Gray. Sent to hunt him down, Liseriel tries to ignore her almost overwhelming attraction to him. Partnered with Daxariel the Burnished, she is attracted to Dax as well. Determined to ignore it all she focuses on tracking down Michael, but he is also toying with them and makes his attraction to both of them known. When several children are kidnapped for trafficking, they join forces to find them and, along the way, find a love that just might conquer all.

A Selection of Wonderful Reader Responses

Still one of my favorite erotica, fantasy series. One of the things I love about Denise Rossetti's menages is that you don't feel as if the relationship between the two men in the triad is somehow just incidental. I always come away feeling that everyone involved is deeply in love with each other. ~ Angela

Wow, just finished the first speed read and adored it. There are very few writers of M/M/F stories I will read and Denise is one of them. I think it is because the relationship between each of the members of the triad is explored... Daxariel, Liseriel and Michael captivated me from the beginning. ~ 'Mountie' (Pamela)

It's no secret to those that know me, that I am a diehard fan-girl of Denise Rossetti's work... She is such a natural, gifted storyteller, that if by some chance, you're not of this planet and have yet to experience the full impact of one of her 'tour de force' books...then you are truly missing out on the sheer magnificence of it all... Her 'world building' is so superbly crafted that it all seems wonderfully familiar and is as easy to slip into as a favored pair of slippers... Her characters and plots are fresh, original and so deliciously real and powerful that though 'tough -chickie' I might like to think myself...tears and sighs are simply par for the course... ~ Pearl

Denise Rossetti is one of my favorite authors. She's an autobuy for me. The strong characters, deep emotion, and sexual situations were melded so perfectly with the world she's created. The language is lovely, and the story riveting. A must-read for fantasy lovers who like their romance hot. ~ Marie

This was by far one of the best MMF I read for a long time now. Just for info, this can be read as a stand alone. I did not read yet the previous but after this one, I have no doubt that I will and soon! This story take place in a fantasy world but it is not a complicated story with many words that the author invent and we need a dictionary (blah BTW). No! This story is easy to read and you will totally fall in love with the characters. For once, we have an author who understand that we (readers) need a novel not a quickie. The length of the story allow us to know the characters and follow the plot. ~ Frederique

Two Lips

Ms. Rossetti is a fantastic story teller; the characters are rich and fully developed and complement each other well. The world building is completely fantastic and is well written. I like that Ms. Rossetti is able to write both compelling story lines with a touch of humor.

I really liked Dax; his ability to see others as they really are was refreshing. His sweet personality and loving nature didn't stop Dax from being tough when he needed to be. Michael was entirely decadent; you’ve got to love a bad boy. But I don't think Michael is as bad as he pretends to be. Lise is so all about duty and what she is supposed to do. She appeared a little stiff but learned how to let go and be happy, I was glad to see that.

Reviewer: Julieanne

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