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Gift of the Goddess

There are books that are worth the guilt of stopping the clock. This is one of them. ~ Joey. W. Hill


ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Move over Holly and Knight, there's a new gal in town!! Gift of the Goddess is a wonderful, erotic adventure with a plot full of twists and turns, and heroes that are to die for!

Ms. Rossetti is an auto buy author for me --any book, anthology or short story with her name on it and I snatch it up, knowing I'm in for a wonderfully sexy, fantastically brilliant, read highlighted by crisp and vibrant prose. Gift of the Goddess is no exception. With characters that stay with you long after you've finished reading, this is a delightful, scorching hot feast for the senses you will not want to end, and won't be able to put down.

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The Pick of the Romantic Brigade
Kate Cuthbert, Courier Mail, January 6-7 2007

Kate Cuthbert is a reviewer for All About Romance, a newspaper columnist, academic and free-lance editor.

While it's true that 2006 has been more of a placeholder than a trailblazer year, there have been standout novels that deserve recognition. Here are my top ten picks for the best of the year.

10. JR Ward - Lover Awakened. Angst at its best. Paranormal. Signet Eclipse. The third installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Awakened sees tormented Zsadist find light after years spent in darkness.

9. Karen Chance - Touch the Dark. Brilliant Debut. Urban fantasy. ROC. From the very first sentence, this novel sweeps the reader up into a world of danger and deceit. One of the best urban fantasy novels in years.

8. Nalini Singh - Slave to Sensation. Leaving the competition behind. Paranormal. Berkeley. In this recently oversaturated genre, Singh is a breath of fresh air. No clichés, no old ground, just a great premise, fantastic characters, and a sweet strong love story.

7. Angela Knight - Master of Swords. Arthurian splendour. Paranormal. Berkley. This alternate universe novel uses imaginative and creative world building, and is hot enough to singe your fingers.

6. Denise Rossetti - Gift of the Goddess. Erotically intelligent, intelligently erotic. Fantasy/Erotica. Ellora's Cave. A fantastic debut, with two of the most gorgeous heroes in the history of romance novels.

5. Hope Tarr - Vanquished. Breaking all the rules. Historical. Medallion Press. One of the most surprising historicals of the year, Vanquished follows the story of a suffragette in 19th century London and the man being paid to ruin her. This novel also has my vote for best cover of the year.

4. Susan Carroll - The Silver Rose. Beautiful in every way. Historical. Ballantine books. Set in the 16th century, Carroll's Dark Queen Trilogy is a must read for any historical lover.

3. Lila Dubois - Forbidden. A rich novel steeped in ritual and magic. Fantasy/Erotica. Liquid Silver. E-books get a bad rap for being `wanting', but Dubois' novel lays waste to all the critics. Enchanting, engrossing, and utterly enthralling, Forbidden runs an emotional gamut without ever losing its footing.

2. Anne Gracie -The Perfect Rake, The Perfect Waltz, The Perfect Stranger. An absolutely "Perfect" series. European Historical. Berkley. Technically the first two novels are 2005, but The Perfect Rake led to my most prolific glom of the year. Watch for the fourth and final book in the series The Perfect Kiss in January.

1. Shana Abé - The Smoke Thief. A marriage made in heaven. Fantasy/historical hybrid. Bantam. This novel defies categorization, but defines the expression `unputdownable'.

Joey W. Hill, Ellora's Cave author

Joey is an author whose writing I admire and respect. Quite frankly, I enjoy the hell out of her books. When she posted this message on the Ellora's Cave readers' chat list, I felt like someone had given me a medal! If you happen to be a writer, you'll especially understand why!


Well, I said I'd be back to talk more about Gift of the Goddess by Denise Rossetti when I was done, and so here I am.

You know these days how there are often quotes on the front of books from fellow authors, like "An enjoyable read!" -- Big Time Author. Then you read the book and think - this is a piece of total crap. Did "Big Time Author" even read this? It's similar to how every movie that comes out these days has a review that says "This is the best movie of the year". Just once, if I had a lot of time on my hands, I'd like to track that and see how often the same review source calls different movies the "best movie of the year" in the same year (lol).

In short, there's a lot of back scratching that goes on in all artistic/craft industry. That's just the nature of businesses where networking can make or break you. And when it's DESERVED, I say "scratch away".

So, all that said, I want to scratch like a dog with a hundred fleas about Gift of the Goddess. Not too long ago in an interview, I said I don't do much reading in my own genre any more. I can't get past the mechanics of the writing. I've done so much editing of my own work and others, it's like reading diagrammed sentences. It's not that the stories aren't good - it just takes an extraordinary story to pull me past the components so I'm not tracking plot transition, character development, dialogue use, etc.

Denise let me get away with the diagramming sentences phenomenon for about the first couple chapters, and then after that I started the pleasurable process of falling in love with her three characters. It didn't take me long to be head over heels. I found myself doing something I haven't done in a very long time - trying to snatch ten minutes here, five minutes there just to visit with Trey, Brin and Anje, see what was going to happen with them. I still have them on my e-reader so I can go back and read some of my favorite parts when I feel in need of a break from daily chaos.

What sneaks up on you in this story is the emotional bond between Trey and Brin, equally strong as what builds between Anje and her two men. Brin is the sun around which Anje and Trey orbit, and he is well worth braving the heat (nobody in their right mind would kick Trey out of bed, either!). We've all read the ménages where one leg of the triangle has to be weaker. The pacing of this book - the growth of the emotional bond between ALL three characters, the integration with the "action plot", the sexual tension - is just about flawless. Anyone who has the misfortune to be critiqued by me knows that I use that word rarely (grin). And don't even get me started on how well integrated the erotic part of the romance is. Needless to say, my husband now has a great fondness for Denise. :>

In short, this book is worth your time. I have this theory that, no matter what "type" of erotic romance a reader prefers (shapeshifter, BDSM, mainstream, paranormal) that we will all cross over if the love story is strong enough, because what we're looking for is an exceptional love story. This book is a true love story between these three characters, and the ending, the way the paranormal plot element is resolved, is powerful. She didn't ignore any element of writing a great story - she developed all elements fully and as such, reading it is a completely fulfilling experience.

Happy reading, and bright blessings on everyone. Off to the day job.

Joey W. Hill

If you haven't read anything of Joey's, run - don't walk - to her page on Ellora's Cave or to her website, Love and pain and joy - oh my!

5 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Heat level: O

What a stunning debut! The pages of this book should come with heat warnings. Brin and Trey are both of so capable of providing pleasure and they do it with intensity and commitment. I just adored both of these men. Brin is ultra alpha and trying his best to deny his attraction to his friend Trey. Trey is like distilled sunshine, but has a soul of tempered steel.

This is a fantasy story you simply must read.

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Fallen Angels Reviews

Gift of the Goddess is one engaging, inferno of a book. Ms. Rossetti manages to create a world where dangerous and alien creatures roam and exotic rituals involving sizzling hot sex are the norm. Brin is an alpha male, through and through; a priest tested and revered for his sexual control. But his control and his love are put to the test once he meets Anje. This warrior woman is strong enough to resist his dominance as well as show him that the feelings that he has for Trey are just as valid and real as those he discovers for Anje. I enjoyed watching all three characters struggle to understand and accept the new relationship they were building.

Gift of the Goddess is crammed with sex scenes that will make your screen melt. They are graphic, frequent and unbelievably arousing but do include male/male scenes, so be warned! Ms. Rossetti most definitely has a hit with this fantasy, which is full of sex, dominance and love.

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The Romance Studio excitingly powerful story, filled with passion found through dominance and submission. Wonderfully described characters will keep the reader's attention throughout their journey... The interaction between these three characters is steamy and at times blaze through the words of the author. Expect numerous scenes of explicitly graphic sex in every imagined combination.

The storyline is creative with a fully developed plot. The story takes the reader though a series of emotions: passion through sex and seduction, excitement, as they face each other and their enemies and sadness, when it seems things will end badly and they are physically or emotionally hurt. Gift of the Goddess by Denise Rossetti is a passionately erotic romance based on dominance and submission. It takes the reader on an emotionally stirring and exciting action-packed adventure.

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5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance

Oh My Gosh! This story is like a menu of epicure sensual delicacies. While reading this story, your craving for fulfillment will become so intense that the hunger will have you a glutton for satisfaction. Ms. Rossetti has done an outstanding job of blending these three people together beautifully. Her readers will derive immense pleasure from every page of this story.

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Joyfully Reviewed

Gift of the Goddess by Denise Rossetti is a fascinating novel. The interaction between Anje, Brin and Trey was fantastic. The power plays between Brin and Anje were particularly fascinating to me. The love between the three of them was very touching and it warmed my heart to see it grow.

Gift of the Goddess is a wonderful first offering from Denise Rossetti. I highly recommend this novel for lovers of ménages and fantasy. I look forward to more stories from Ms. Rossetti.

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4 Kisses from Two Lips Reviews


Denise Rossetti has written a delightfully sensual feast in her newest tale Gift Of The Goddess. Readers will devour the pages as the erotic loveplay between Brin, Anje and Trey unfolds. There were times during the reading of this tale that I sincerely had to grab some ice to cool down. Hot, hot and hot! The sex between both the males and the three together is absolutely breathtaking, and I for one want a Brin for my own! I highly recommend this book to all and cannot wait for more from this very talented author. Kudos!

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4 Hearts from Loves Romances and More

4 hearts

New author Denise Rossetti does a fabulous job in creating a fascinating world, with interesting creatures and characters, compelling relationships and a deity whose laws will be favored by any woman. That women must first offer to the goddess in reaching climax before a man can find satisfaction in the woman's body is a neat little requirement.

Brin and Trey are sexy heroes who contrast each other wonderfully. The former is the primary male, a giant of a man and dominant in nature balancing the strong but beta second man. It would have been easy to make Brin into a caricature of the alpha hero, but instead we are treated to the vulnerabilities that he keeps hidden as he strives to maintain control in all things. Readers will enjoy the interplay and exchanges between the two men and with Anje.

The journey of the characters together is not smooth, but that just adds to the excitement of this incredibly erotic romance. If this book does not get you hot and bothered, you need to make sure you still have a pulse.

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