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The Flame and the Shadow

Shana Abe - Author of Romantic Time’s Historical Romance of the Year and Amazon’s #1 Romance of the Year

Rossetti offers an inventive tale of magic and erotic adventure that deftly combines an otherworldly setting with characters you care about. THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW sparkles with excitement.

Beyond her Book (Publishers Weekly)

I was so captivated by the intriguing and unusual characters and circumstances in this space fantasy, I couldn't put it down. The Flame and the Shadow is darkly intense, warmly romantic, and blazingly erotic.

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Top Pick!Top Pick - Paranormal Romance Reviews

"Darkly Erotic....Full of Passion and Intrigue" A dark erotic tale that is satisfying on many levels. Readers will enjoy the rich development of this fantastic world and its characters, sharing their amusement and passion while squirming at the chilling horrors they face. Cenda is endearing as the unlikely heroine and Gray is deliciously wicked as the antihero with a mysterious dark side.

Additionally, there are many interesting themes and symbolism aplenty for those willing to explore some of the deeper layers of the book. Religious fundamentalism, ethics in science, what it means to love and accept oneself are just a few of the subjects that are touched upon in this book of light, dark, and shades of gray. From the mythical salamanders to the clever names of the main characters, there is much to ponder and discuss long after the last page has been read. Rossetti's first installment of The Four-Sided Pentacle series is exciting and full of passion and intrigue. I will be anxiously awaiting the second book which is due out FALL 2009. Highly recommended.

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Top Pick! Top Pick from Night Owl Romance

...a stunning new voice in futuristic romance...hits the scene with a thrilling view into a magical world of fantasy, magic and intrigue. Many interesting Sci-Fi and fantasy concepts are introduced along with a super hot romance. This story is great for someone who is looking for something new and intriguing. I've not read anything in romance like it.

I found it really drew me in from the beginning. I love stories that are very outside the box. I like when with each chapter I'm rewarded with something new and exciting, not the same old same old story plot. I've put Denise Rossetti on my list of authors to follow as I expect to see new and out of the box literary greatness from her.

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Top PickTop Pick from Romance Reader at Heart

Rossetti creates such lovably flawed characters in Cenda and Gray that it is hard not to laugh (and cry) at their expense. Nearly everybody conspires to help Gray seduce Cenda so that he can deliver her to them. Nobody counts on the player getting played.

THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW is exceedingly hot! Explicitly hot! Beware to keep a glass of ice water or a cool shower handy so that you can maintain your own cool while the sparks fly. THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW is the perfect blend of science fiction and erotic fantasy romance. I can't wait to read about the water, air, and earth witches, as well as the mystery fifth element belonging to this pentagramic group.

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Two Lips RR Recommended Read, Two Lips Reviews

I loved the character of Cenda. She is powerful magically and completely fragile in other areas. That made me really like her a lot--the dichotomy of how she was really makes the reader feel closer to her. She is experiencing a huge loss when we first meet her. I cheered when she found love with Grayson, a person who is as complicated as she is. There is magic, love, and plenty of angst to keep you turning the pages. This novel would make any lover of fantasy and magic cheer. I loved it and didn't want it to end myself. This is the first book in the Four-Sided Pentacle series--I hope there are many more! The electricity between Cenda and Grayson is off the charts and will keep you wanting more of them! When you want a love story that is magical and one you won't want to put down, you want The Flame and the Shadow..

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5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies

Denise Rossetti has taken the fantasy genre by storm with her print debut. THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW bursts with action, mystery and passion. Rossetti has a beautiful writing style, apparent in her descriptions of the world, her realistic dialogue and her highly developed characters who have weaknesses, learn lessons and grow as we turn the pages. Not only they, she deftly draws us into her plot, encourages us to care about the characters and keeps the anticipation going so we'll stay up long into the night to find out what will happen.

Her ability to write erotic scenes that exude sensuality without sounding at all cliché impressed me the most. She has an extraordinary gift of language as if the words themselves create magical patterns on the page as they flow one into another so seamlessly. I highly recommend this novel to fans of erotic romance and fantasy alike and can't wait to get my hands on the next installment.

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5 HeartsThe Romance Studio

The Flame and the Shadow swirls in magic, romance, betrayal, passion and heated desire, not only between Gray and Cenda, but those that would use Cenda's powers for their advantage. Denise Rossetti fashions an erotic fantasy while allowing the reader to go deep into the soul of Gray as he clashes with the scars that inflict him. It is amazing how she spins the tale of Gray suffering with his shadow, when deep down he knows the shadow is really him. I found it to be a great conflict. The connection between Cenda and Gray explodes with excitement in this wonderful read.

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5 PixiesDark Angel Reviews

A riveting tale of passion and pain, magic and mayhem. I was bound to the book by the detailed imagery and sheer writing genius. Denise Rossetti delivered a spectacular first mainstream fantasy novel, and will soon be soaring with Anne Bishop and the like.

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Romance Book Wyrm

Another author with an amazing way with words...a fascinating story, rich with detail and well developed, multifaceted characters. Gray is a most complex character. His past, his relationship with Shad and the heartache and shame it has caused him, is gripping and engrossing. The role that Shad plays was an added bonus to the uniqueness of this story. An intense and well satisfying read! A for sure keeper. If I were to do a grading system, I'd give it an A!

Reviewer: Amy  

4.5 bookmarksWild on Books

...simultaneously heart-breaking and heart-warming. With people who inspire through their own growth a compelling plot, and passion as incendiary as the Fire Witch's power, Denise Rossetti offers readers a novel that is hard to put down until the last page.

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4 HeartsLove Romances and More

One of the pleasures of reading is to find characters that so completely capture our attention. These are people who have known happiness, suffered greatly and now have some chance of joy in their lives, again. They are emotionally wounded, imperfect, and are lovable in spite of that. This is as you may have guessed, not a romance of two, but of three. I doubt that readers will ever meet such an amusing, scene stealer of a shadow again. All one can say is that he is an intrinsic part of what makes their relationship work, to reveal more would give the fun of discovery away.

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Library Journal

...should appeal to fans of Storm Constantine and Laurell K. Hamilton.

B+ Lovin' Me Some Romance

A story filled with betrayal, flaring passion, corroding deceit with the end of the day being saved by the truest form of love. Gray encompasses nearly all my favorite hero attributes. He's dark and dangerous. Skillful and passionate and when the right woman finally comes along, he'll risk his very life to see her happy. Sigh... You become immersed in an incredibly beautiful and fascinating land. An exhilarating and passionate read, one that I most definitely recommend especially if you like your romance on the steamy side.

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Alternative Worlds erotic evocative fantasy in which science and magic coexist but practitioners fight for supremacy. If this thriller is any indication, Denise Rossetti is a welcomed newcomer to the fantasy genre.

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Fresh Fiction

Captivating start to an erotic, mystical, futuristic world full of excitement and intrigue....promising even more adventure in the next book in this thrilling series. This is a great read!

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