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Come Howling

4.5 Stars from Romantic Times

Each author brings something different to this intensely satisfying anthology -- werewolves, dragons and more. Fully formed characters, hot and spicy erotica and strong writing make this one for your keeper shelf!

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5 Hearts from Loves Romances and More

5 Hearts

Four hot authors giver their readers four hot stories to ring in the New Year with. This is a perfect read for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Four delicious stories with heroes to die for and heroines who win their hearts. All of these authors are very talented and have given their readers hot stories to get the blood pumping and the heart beating. This reviewer had a really fun time reading these stories. They are sassy, funny, sexy, sensual and oh so very romantic. This reviewer particularly liked Coming On Strong by Denise Rossetti and New Year's Bites by Cynthis Eden. But each story is wonderful on its own merit and the reader will have a wonderful time reading this great book. This anthology is not to be missed and should be picked up right away. Dear reader, you will not regret it.

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Four Roses from Romance Reader at Heart Four Roses

The four stories are each well written and entertaining. Combined, they make this anthology a sizzling delight to read. Erotic romance is occasionally plot-less, filled with meaningless sex scenes and little else. Not so in this volume. Characters are fully developed and, in many cases, sympathetic.

My favorite is Coming on Strong by Denise Rossetti, mainly because the heroine in this story is such a tortured woman, determined to hide from the world. That is, until she meets someone who is willing to see—and accept—her for who she truly is."

4 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies

4 Ribbons

This story (Coming on Strong) is a wonderful end to this anthology. It's exciting to watch Gina and Sam's relationship develop on the pages. I wondered how Sam would take the news of her secret and thought Ms. Rossetti did an excellent job conveying Gina and Sam's emotions to the reader.

A perfect way to spend New Years; A RED HOT NEW YEAR is the kind of anthology that has a little something for everyone. Each story was great for different reasons, taking the reader on a sensual journey along with the characters as they discovered true love. These four authors are definitely a great group of writers, making A RED HOT NEW YEAR a book not to be missed.

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Recommended Read from CK2s Kwips and Kritiques

Recommended Read

Whew, what a spicy anthology from four talented authors!!
A RED HOT NEW YEAR is full of great stories and spicy hot sex. If you are looking for something to warm up those cold nights, then this is definitely the anthology for you!

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5 Hearts from The Romance Studio

5 Hearts

Coming On Strong by Denise Rossetti is a story filled with lots of smoke and fire. Laughter will ensue when this story is read. The author has done an excellent job of fleshing out the characters of Gina and Sam. Gina's dilema will make one feel bad for her, but it Sam is a strong man ready to take on a woman like Gina-scales and all. The story moves quick and is very spicy. Anyone who loves a funny, enticing and exciting read will love this one.

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4 Klovers from CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

4 Klovers

Ms Rossetti managed to craft a tale a bit different from most I have read before, and I would dearly love to see this become a series starring more of Gina's relatives. [Denise's Note: It has already - see Come Howling!] Both Gina and Sam were extremely likeable and I felt their connection immediately. Gina's plight pulled at my heartstrings...

A winner for anyone who enjoys a good paranormal romance!

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4 Cups from Coffee Time Romance

Coming on Strong is a delightful read. I loved how Gina fought feelings about her problem while desiring to have it all with Sam. The way Sam is drawn into the story is wonderfully done. He is the guy of all guys. Denise Rossetti weaves a breathtaking tale that pulls the reader into the center of the story in this tantalizing read.

A Red Hot New Year lives up to its name and more.

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